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A herd that started in 1928...

After a few decades of operating a cow-calf operation with over 1,000 head of commercial Angus, we decided to expand our operation to include Scottish Highland Cattle. Now, with over 200 head of “highlanders,” we work with ranchers across the region by providing excellent stock.

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Herd History and Sires

We purchased our herd from Rocky Spring Ranch Ltd. / Robert Lindsay of Lloydminster, SK in 2012. Robert’s herd had been in his family since 1928; when his great aunt imported them from Scotland. Robert Lindsay being a very selective, dedicated cattleman had produced, over years of selective breeding, one of the best genetic quality herds in North America. The average weight of our mature cows is between 1175 to 1325 lbs; with cows productive longevity to 23 years of age.

At Valley Choice, we have tried our best to keep this quality of genetics growing. In 2013, we began importing black Highland bulls from one of the best genetic quality herds in the USA – Flathead Farms. Mike Mower from Kalispel, MT. Mike has been selectively breeding his herd for over 30 years and has performance tested every calf crop; and only kept the best replacements in his herd. Mike has won many champions at many shows over the years.  His cattle win these awards without the use of high energy grains. The true conformation and quality of Mike’s cattle come from the careful selection of top genetics and performance testing.

Valley Choice began using Flathead bulls in 2013, and are very pleased with the quality & performance of our testing on the calf crop.

We have been ranching in the Qu’Appelle Valley since 2000 and own and manage a 10,000-acre ranch.

Continuing the work of developing the breed, we have been building an Angus X Highlander cow herd as well. 

We also have the largest group of full blood Chianina bulls in Canada; imported from the largest full-blood breeder in the world and are doing performance research with cross-breeding these breeds. The performance results of the Chi X Highlander calves have been remarkable.

The maternal advantage and savings of the Highland breed is undisputable. However, on the commercial market they have discounted value as feeders; mainly because they’re slower maturing and looks. We have solved this problem with the Chianina cross as they now perform at the top end of any Char. X Angus or Sem. X Angus.

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